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My philosophy

A Brief Philosophy on Beauty

Being an artist has nothing to do with pursuing one's own passion or pleasure. Rather, it is a duty whose fulfillment is essential to a thriving culture. When the artists and revolutionists take a stance of relativism, society loses its solid ground, the culture fractures, and people become divided. We are seeing the effects of this now in the division of the West, the abandonment of moral standards, the prevalent nihilism, the ever-increasing psychological difficulties, and the rise of suicide and mass murder. If only we valued Beauty more as a culture beyond its value as a hobby, and as a value essential to human wellbeing at the individual and cultural levels,  people would be confronted with the goodness of being, and their nihilism, anxiety, and despair would be challenged. As artists, we can flip the culture if we produce beauty of staggering quality in equally staggering quantities. 

Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is the undeniable experience of goodness, which allows us to see truth and to be happy.

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