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Isaac John Estrada

Teacher and Performer

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Welcome to my site

This is a site dedicated to beauty through two mediums - writing and music. You will hear some of your favorite songs, and you will hear songs you have never heard before. You will read many things from candid thoughts to scrupulously edited and re-edited essays about my philosophy on beauty. You are also likely to read stories about my life as a full-time musician and teacher in places such as elementary schools or even prisons. 

To hear your favorite songs at an event you're hosting or a restaurant you're running, or to have your kids participate in the beauty of music, simply click on the "Contact" section on this website and shoot me an email. I'll respond promptly to discuss pricing and logistics for performances or lessons. 

Thank you for being here, and welcome to my site :)

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21st Century Resurrection

Much can be said and much can be thought but the harvest is abundant, and the laborers have been shot No bullets could be found in their...

On Reading The Count of Monte Cristo

Painting: Mead Schaeffer's the Count of Monte Cristo I started reading the Count of Monte Cristo in early Spring 2021 after a...

Airport Music (Part 2)

You've been sitting on the edge of your seat for nearly five months now. You've heard the story of Airport Music in which I sang on top...

Airport Music - Part 1: Standing on my Truck

My cousin Aidan was flying into town - Seattle, that is - from his summer job in New Mexico, and I was in charge of picking him up. Now,...

Why I'm Here

Beauty is one of life's greatest joys. It is a source of awe and it builds community because people share their experiences of awe with...

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